Meeting: HKU Computer Science Alumni Association Limited Annual General Meeting

Meeting Date / Time: 24 January 2014  7pm-8pm

Venue: ICO Limited, 30/F, Siu On Center, 188 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


1.    Prof. Chin

2.    Daniel Hung (87)

3.    Chan Kwok Pui (89)

4.    Seven Wu (89)

5.    Alvin Yong (89)

6.    Hezek Tang (90)

7.    Ben Kao (89)

8.    Tony Lau (89)

9.    Vincent Lau (92)

10.  Esprit Leung (94)

11.  Nicholas Tsang (94)

12.  Ang Tang Pong (96)

13.  David Wong (96)

14.  Ho Kin Pong (98)

15.  Adam Cheung (03)

16.  Jonas Fung (04)

17.  Kwok Ka Ho Andy (10)

18.  C.T. Hung (87)


Agenda & Minutes of Meeting

Agenda Item

Minutes of Item

1. To receive and endorse Financial Report

Alvin stated that all the deficit is offsetted by donation. The financial report is endorsed.

2. To endorse constitution change

The constitution changes are endorsed.

3. To elect the next year Exco

Seven Wu, the chairman of next year Exco, stated following points.

1.    Objective of the next year Exco is

a.    to promote friendship amongs alumni of HKUCS, and

b.    to maintain a close relationship with HKU CS department.

2.    Following are the tasks we plan to do

a.    Reconnect class representative network

b.    Re-engineer social network tools / platform

c.    Revamp membership system

d.    Establish special topics / interest group

e.    Strengthen Mentorship and sharing career experiences


4. A.O.B.

Prof. Chin proposed (and Seconded by Ben) a motion of thanks to HKU CS department for the support of HKUCS Alumni Association for these years.\


Alvin propose (and Seconded by Vincent Lau)  a motion of thanks to previous Exco members, especially to Daniel Hung, the chairman of the previous ExCo.


Prof. Chin stated that Alumni Association should organize more activties with strong relationship with CS department.